Skills a Programmer Must Have to Learn Any Technology

Maybe you will think:
Some of the skills that the programmer must possess are logic, algorithms, and mathematics. But it turns out it’s not. I did not put the three creatures in this article list.
Indeed, when studying in the IT department we will learn a lot about mathematics, logic, and algorithms.
However, it is not very necessary to study certain technologies. Well, what I will discuss is the skills that must be possessed to learn any technology in the IT world.
Ok First we review the following visualization …

There are many technologies that must be learned to become web developers or web programmers.
Will we be able to learn everything?
For beginners who are not too deep in the world of programming, they might answer:
I might not be able to, because it’s too much.
This is natural, because it does not know the skills that must be possessed to learn it all.
What are the skills?

1. English

Maybe when learning English at school, you have thought:
“Why do I learn English, I will go abroad, why aren’t they just learning our language”
This is wrong thinking, because when you become a programmer. You must be able to speak English even if you don’t go abroad.
English is a skill that the programmer must have, because most of the documentation and the programming language itself uses English.
English will help you more easily:
• Read documentation;
• Understand error messages;
• Ask in global forums;
• Learning from the outside web;
• Search for references;
• etc.
At a minimum you can speak english passively, so you can enjoy the above convenience.
I myself am still passive (only able to: read and hear only). But now in the learning phase it becomes active.
So for those of you who don’t speak English, start learning from now. Because there is no late word for something positive.

2. Read Documentation

This skill must be owned by a programmer. Because without this, we will not know how to program.
Documentation is a document that explains how to use a technology. Usually difficult to understand.
Why is it difficult?
1. Packed with a boring technical language to read
2. Screenshot is incomplete (because beginners need screenshots even though it’s just a CLI command)

3. Using English

Even so, documentation is the first thing you should read if you are going to learn new technology.
Understand you don’t understand reading, later you will understand later. That is to be used and not tired of reading the documentation.
There are usually several types of documentation:
1. In the form of a tutorial
2. In the form of references or explanations about functions, classs, objects, variables, etc.
3. In the form of FAQs (frequently asked questions)
Then where can we read the documentation?
Can be searched on google with the keyword x documentation, x is the name of the technology.

3. Read the Source Code
Reading source code seems easy. Yes, it’s easy
Read More

If you want to be rich without being an entrepreneur, learning coding can be the answer!

Why become a programmer? Doesn’t writing code in front of a computer be a cool job? Maybe for you this job looks boring, but wait until you know how much a programmer’s income in a month.
And don’t forget, the founders of Google, Facebook or Twitter are all programmers. See their success now.
Even so, studying computer code still looks creepy to ordinary people. But you don’t need to be afraid anymore, thanks to the many free sites that offer code writing lessons. You will not lack resources and learning to write code has never been this easy before. Even if you are serious, you can create a web prototype or software in two months. Let’s learn together!

1. First, Understand Programming Terms

The existence of strange and confusing terminology in the world of programming might be the reason why you have been away. It’s good if you start from learning simple terms first. Get to know the computer term that you often refer to, but don’t mean what it means like PHP, HTML, Java or API.
Also understand the difference between Server and Web Server. You can learn important terms in programming that are explained in easy-to-understand languages. In 10 minutes you can understand it.

2. Round determination; Get to know with basic programming techniques and … Python

Python is a high level programming language that is very common to learn to write code. Python is free to use. To learn Python, there are two sites that can be your ‘course’:
• Learn Python The Hard Way, even though the name of the site is scary, learning Python basics is easier on this site. Very suitable for beginners.
• Google’s Python Class, if you are more familiar with the appearance of Google’s interface, then this is the site of your choice. The plus, Google provides video tutorials and exercises to test the extent of your ability.
The two sources above are quite complete and cover up each other’s shortcomings. Just try both of them then over time you will know which site is the most suitable for you. Don’t forget to keep trying and practicing.

3. Follow Introductory Class

Django is a web framework written in Python. The role of web frameworks is very important in the data exchange path through the internet. Frameworks is responsible for receiving and processing requests from internet users and then sending the appropriate response back to the user’s browser.
So the plot is this: when you open the Facebook page you are immediately directed to the ‘Home’ page, when you click on a friend’s account, the browser sends the request to the Facebook server that stores the friend’s data. But because the browser of each person is different, this is where Django’s role plays. This framework translates and sends the friend’s data back to your computer as a response.

4. Deepen Your Understanding About Python.

It’s time to increase your level in writing code. In 2-4 weeks you have to step up and Read More

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