5 Essentials of Outdoor Banner Design

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Through the following list, we have summarises the five most essentials. Hopefully, these keys will assist you in designing your outdoor display banners adequately:

  1. Know Your Purpose

Keep in mind that your design requires accomplishing some important things. These are reinforcing branding, advertising a sale, promoting a store opening or new product, directing traffic, or attracting attendees to your stall. Occasionally, it requires accomplishing a combination of objectives. When you initiate the design process with these clearly established purposes, remember the banner ad design cost that you cannot go wrong.

  1. Size Matters

Plan to fit the size of your retractable banner. In regards to your audience and work from there, think about where it will be installed. When you have the plan to hang on a store exterior 100 feet from the road, and your audience will be speeding past in their cars, you need to make sure that the design is readable and will occupy their look. Moreover remember that you need to follow printing principles.

  1. It’s All About Color

Another one vital feature is color when it appears to effective outdoor display banner design. It illustrates the eye and increases memory. Attempt to stay within the colors that your business ascertained with while maintaining good contrast and readability. In fact, Light text on a dark background or dark text on a light background tends to work most excellent. No matter what colors you prefer, make sure that they’re different and fulfilling as well.

  1. Consider the Font

The font you select will affect the readability of your retractable banner. Stay away from scripts, scrunched block letters, wisp-thin letters, or anything with a ‘handwritten’ look. A neutral font, like Ariel or Helvetica, will help you to get your point across quickly and easily. Keep in mind that at best, you have 3 to 5 seconds of your audience’s care and that’s even if you manage to control it at all.

  1. Don’t Forget Branding

Within a lot of ways, the branding components of your banner will go back to your color options. In other words, attempt to stay with your brand’s color wheelhouse. Additional branding fundamentals that you might want to integrate into your design could include logos or slogans that are used throughout your company graphics.


As a good opportunity, we hope that the 5 important outlined as narrated above have given you a much better idea of how to effectively design retractable banners for your upcoming event. It is most essential that you have carefully considered the design to ensure that your message is clear and that people know who you are.