Programming for Software and Designing for Websites

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Software development and web design are two very different things, but often, face the same challenges. Building a software is no doubt more lengthy than designing a website. However, the process of creation is nearly the same. Find out below Ntw Designs take on software design and web design comparison.

Pre-Analysis: The pre-analysis of designing a software and designing a website is a process of ideas. Analyzing the client, clients needs, and market for the use. Then for the actual design part comes the sketching and architecture to get a visual look at what the software and web design will look like. This process is one of the best and first steps to take. By analyzing and architecting everything from the start, it will be a much easier process to creating along with way.

Problem Solving: When designing a website or building a software, there is problem solving going on constantly. When something goes wrong, a solution must be brought up. For a software, this is in the internal coding. For a website, this may be in the CSS file. Problem solving is a great way to speed up the process and move ahead in designing or developing.

Fine Tuning the Edges: When finished creating the software or web design. It is now time to fine tune the edges, organize the files, and run all the prop tests to make sure everything works correctly. For a software, fine tuning means testing out the software. For a website, it means testing out the website for all different browsers.

Launching:  When finishing the 3 steps above, it is time to launch the website and start up the software. Launching is the most rewarding part that comes at the end of creation and testing!

Although web design and software development are two very different things, as compared above, they are also very similar in the entire creation process.