Skills a Programmer Must Have to Learn Any Technology

Maybe you will think:
Some of the skills that the programmer must possess are logic, algorithms, and mathematics. But it turns out it’s not. I did not put the three creatures in this article list.
Indeed, when studying in the IT department we will learn a lot about mathematics, logic, and algorithms.
However, it is not very necessary to study certain technologies. Well, what I will discuss is the skills that must be possessed to learn any technology in the IT world.
Ok First we review the following visualization …

There are many technologies that must be learned to become web developers or web programmers.
Will we be able to learn everything?
For beginners who are not too deep in the world of programming, they might answer:
I might not be able to, because it’s too much.
This is natural, because it does not know the skills that must be possessed to learn it all.
What are the skills?

1. English

Maybe when learning English at school, you have thought:
“Why do I learn English, I will go abroad, why aren’t they just learning our language”
This is wrong thinking, because when you become a programmer. You must be able to speak English even if you don’t go abroad.
English is a skill that the programmer must have, because most of the documentation and the programming language itself uses English.
English will help you more easily:
• Read documentation;
• Understand error messages;
• Ask in global forums;
• Learning from the outside web;
• Search for references;
• etc.
At a minimum you can speak english passively, so you can enjoy the above convenience.
I myself am still passive (only able to: read and hear only). But now in the learning phase it becomes active.
So for those of you who don’t speak English, start learning from now. Because there is no late word for something positive.

2. Read Documentation

This skill must be owned by a programmer. Because without this, we will not know how to program.
Documentation is a document that explains how to use a technology. Usually difficult to understand.
Why is it difficult?
1. Packed with a boring technical language to read
2. Screenshot is incomplete (because beginners need screenshots even though it’s just a CLI command)

3. Using English

Even so, documentation is the first thing you should read if you are going to learn new technology.
Understand you don’t understand reading, later you will understand later. That is to be used and not tired of reading the documentation.
There are usually several types of documentation:
1. In the form of a tutorial
2. In the form of references or explanations about functions, classs, objects, variables, etc.
3. In the form of FAQs (frequently asked questions)
Then where can we read the documentation?
Can be searched on google with the keyword x documentation, x is the name of the technology.

3. Read the Source Code
Reading source code seems easy. Yes, it’s easy to read the source code that we wrote ourselves. We understand the logic, because of our own thinking logic.

When reading someone else’s source code, don’t understand anything.
Skill reading source code turns out to be a skill that must be possessed in addition to writing skills. Because we will not write code alone. There will be source code from other team members.
Then how to be able to read other people’s source code?
There are a number of tips I’ve heard:
• Read srouce code from the bottom up
• Read the part you understand first
• Read the description on the comet
• Frequently crawl on Github and Stackoverflow

4. Debugging

Debugging is an activity looking for bugs or problems in the program code (source code).
Named a bug because in the past there was a bug (insect) attached to a computer machine and caused problems. After tracing it turns out the cause is the bug. Finally, this term became popular until now.
In debugging skills, you must be able to:
• Mamahami means error messages and other problems
• Search in what line the error is located
• Analysis of the causes
• Overcoming errors
This debugging process can be longer than the process of writing code. Some even don’t find the source of the problem for weeks.
Therefore, programmers cannot be compared to workers. We will never know, problems and errors like what will happen even though we have already made the same system.
Usually lazy programmers, when they find an error, will immediately be thrown into the forum. Because he doesn’t want to debug the program himself.
Debugging should be done alone, because the impact will be felt on ourselves.